March 10, 2014

Dry skin troubles and solutions

The problem of dry skin is a common problem among women, especially that the vagaries of the weather and the humidity level factors negatively affect this type of skin. Despite the fact that dry skin in some cases hereditary, but there are always solutions to hydrate and attention.

Estimated in order to solutions to the problems of dry skin Daily steps to beautify the skin dry: You Eve that evaluating these steps cosmetic daily in order to keep up the freshness of your skin, especially the skin, dry skin's thirst always! Cleaning the skin twice a day, cream or water cleaning the face, to go away dirt and not more than dry skin Rinse your face daily with water. Try your skin `s harsh: Simply soils under a towel. Avoid very hot water, especially when showering, for it is known that the hot water dries the skin. Multiply the intake of foods rich in omega-3 and 6 Omega)) and fatty acids found in fish, because the lack of it in your body helps to dry skin. Your skin like moisturizing it, any grease your face you’re whatever you have the opportunity, especially in the morning. Peel is very important for dry skin, and when choosing peeled, it is advisable to avoid those t made of grain of salt, because its edges may damage the skin and increase moisture loss. Does not evaluating peel your face more than twice a week because this step, whatever peeled, finely, can get tired skin? Eat 2 liters of water a day because it helps to hydrate your skin from the inside of nature in the service of dry skin. It is easy, fun and very nutritious for owners of dry skin and remember that you are you have used natural materials that cannot be found in any moisturizer or cream.

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