March 10, 2014

Easy Recipes for peeling skin

Gives peeling skin texture smooth her all the time as it gives the skin a youth look bright and protect you from the symptoms of aging for as long as possible, also protects the skin from many of the problems black and pimples and drought. Offers you some of the ways home for peeling the skin easily, should this step is done once a week at least. A pineapple for: The fruit of which is characterized by fast in peeling the skin because it is able to melt the links which bind skin cells together, making it easier to peel. Ingredients: 2/3 cup fresh 1/4 cup olive oil cold compressed Fourth section parsley Methods: nationalist era pineapple in a blender to be able to get a smooth texture and add oil and parsley and mix well care Put a thin layer of the mixture on your skin and leave for one minute and then rinse. Citrus: After eating any kind of citrus fruits oranges or lemons or grapefruit, Keep to use natural exfoliate for your skin it contains natural oils to renewed skin cells and fats, acidic help peeling layer of accumulated dead skin. Ingredients: Spoon fruit peel any acidic (dry milled). 1/2 cup yogurt Spoon pure honey 1/4 cup oil, vitamin E Corn flour Method: Mix the ingredients well and then massaging her skin moist and Drain the mask with warm water and then rinse your skin with cold water. You can store the rest in the refrigerator for use the following week. Oat and Lavender: Oats from natural materials known for their peeling skin texture and give them finely and add a completely pure lavender scent your skin will gain a great irresistible. Ingredients: Cup oats grinded 1/2 cup milk powder Method: Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and then massage the skin after washing them well and remove the finished mix with warm water. You can keep the rest of the mix for a period of 6 months.

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Tip for beauty of the skin

Changes in diet and body busy women on the exercise ritual worship during the whole month of may make them neglect due diligence skin which may lead to pallor and dry skin and the appearance of dark circles, and here,

we bring you some tips to prevent these problems and enjoy the champion attractive bright throughout the whole month. Do the three steps necessary to take care of a daily skin "cleanser and toner use a humidifier then," Use a humidifier and twice daily on the hands, face and foot to overcome the drought that affects the skin as a result of lack of water. You must use natural skin care products just like products consisting of butter, pure coconut oil, oils or herbs home Drink plenty of water after breakfast with at least 8 glasses a day to compensate for losses during fasting. Make sure a bath with lukewarm water and not hot because it increases the dry skin and avoid harsh soaps on the skin and nice made of materials moisturize the skin. To keep your mouth smell good during fasting, make sure to eat a cup of tea at Verde, It contains anti-bacterial odor-causing bad breath. You can also put cinnamon sticks in tea to increase effectiveness in overcoming the bacteria and mouth resuscitation. Also a lot of acts of eating leaves, parsley, mint, coriander, they all contain chlorophyll, which is struggling germs and help to revitalize the mouth for a long time. Use twice a week to remove dead cells and get rid of the appearance of the face pale and prefer to use products where it is nice on the skin and is recommended by leading doctors. Avoid breakfast on the heavy fatty foods and soft drinks so you do not get blisters and skin infections annoying.

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Itchy scalp and treatment

Tools layering thermal Habitual use a hair dryer heat every day of serious matters and causing head itch, you might not know that excess heat leads to dryness and inflammation of the scalp, so you have to be cautious and avoid raising the temperature dried up index-time use, especially when the hair is wet or overloaded with water.
Hair products In some cases, infected scalp itching and inflammation as a result of the extreme sensitivity of the hair care such containing materials are inherently dried hair. In such cases, you will feel the movement of light in the scalp lead to itching. Environmental factors The problem may be due to inflammation of the scalp surrounding climate change, such as excessive exposure to cold with low humidity or high winds or high heat of the sun. In all these cases,Skin Care Moz the best way to reach a healthy scalp and hair shiny and attractive is to stimulate the secretion of natural fats that protect the scalp from drying out. Avoid using hot water while washing hair because it loses scalp of natural oils, making it dry, sensitive and more prone to itching. It is best to also search for moisturizing creams contain substances such as silicon, "which works to soften the outer layer of the hair and give them the desired gloss. Well advised to use an effective balm moisturizes hair and soothes the scalp. When should concern of head itch? In some rare cases, it may be an indication of the itchy head injury a serious skin diseases. When symptoms do especially like the composition of the scalp thick crusts and squamous head hurts can blood, it indicates the injury illness "psoriasis." If the itching is accompanied by a fall of copious hair and scalp pimples, it indicates the incidence of alopecia. Hence, you should in these cases go to the dermatologist competent to give you the appropriate treatment.

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What the impact of the fall on the skin

The weather autumnal of the worst weather on the skin, where abound where wind-laden dust, and this causes a severe drought for the skin, and the most serious is the effect of dust on the skin in terms of closing the pores, resulting in the inability of the skin on the waste disposal of the fat and excess salts through race,
and this is a major reason for the emergence of grain sick. This shows advisory therapeutic feeding, saying skin is exposed to the air and dust epithelial cells or the surface of the skin and less fat, and in some cases, affect the activity of the sebaceous glands, and in this case preferably moisturize the skin with water only more than once a day, and in the case of work in bad weather must use moisturizing creams after washing with water, and there is a reason is one of the most serious causes of dry skin autumn, a make-up, as it fills the pores of the skin and cause dry, and here are advised to avoid make-up layers many or for long periods, and must be removed before sleeping make-up. Then lukewarm water, and can moisturize the skin before going to sleep swab light of Vaseline Medical keeping moisture skin, while the masks appropriate for the skin during the fall they are in the case of very dry skin and peeled use mask avocado, a fruit fatty contain vitamin "e" and "a" and " c "and oil,Combination skin tips
 which helps the skin retain its moisture and speed the renewal of surface cells, and making catcher peel ripe fruit and remove the seed and then fruit well and uniqueness of the skin and neck for 20 minutes and still lukewarm water, three times a week. The oily skin catcher consisted of a tablespoon of milled rice with a teaspoon of ground flaxseed and a quarter cup of boiling water, mix well and placed on the skin and a warm neck and leave for 30 minutes and still with cold water twice a week.

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Natural ingredient for skin filter

There are five basic components of working on the liquidation of the skin in order to our dear Eve through the club site 1 - Salt for the liquidation of the skin: It's perfect for lazy women. You just need to add a handful of coarse salt to the water bath shower.
Result is an amazing amount of minerals, without any cost, and a wonderful sense of vitality. We recommend that you test immediately after removing excess hair from your body will give you besides smooth skin beautiful 2 - Orange skin to filter: Mix a few drops of orange juice with a little mineral water to get a smooth mixture.How To Cellulite
Lay out the mixture to your face with the help of a soft cotton ball. Works on liquidation result thanks to pure skin antiseptic ingredients. 3 - Essential oil of tea tree to filter the skin: It is ideal to fight pimples, and can also be used to clean the mouth and teeth by adding one drop of this oil to brush the teeth. Result teeth whiter and brighter. As well as the liquidation of the skin and free of grain 4 - Olive oil for the liquidation of the skin: Olive oil is ideal to soak your hands and make the skin soft and smooth. Soak your hands for about 5 minutes in olive oil and then with lukewarm water. Working on the liquidation of the skin and the result is ultra-soft skin. Skin: Lavender is an ideal weapon to combat stress. Soak 500 g of lavender flowers land in 3 quarts of hot water for 10 minutes, then wiped out his national to bathing water. Result body relaxed and free from fatigue. Mint for the liquidation of the skin: Soak 10 leaves of mint with a spoonful of white powder, lime and a third of a cup of water to get the mixture of green and similar to the foam. Lay out the mixture to your face and leave to dry before rinsing well. The result is pure and radiant complexion.

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Dry skin troubles and solutions

The problem of dry skin is a common problem among women, especially that the vagaries of the weather and the humidity level factors negatively affect this type of skin. Despite the fact that dry skin in some cases hereditary, but there are always solutions to hydrate and attention.

Estimated in order to solutions to the problems of dry skin Daily steps to beautify the skin dry: You Eve that evaluating these steps cosmetic daily in order to keep up the freshness of your skin, especially the skin, dry skin's thirst always! Cleaning the skin twice a day, cream or water cleaning the face, to go away dirt and not more than dry skin Rinse your face daily with water. Try your skin `s harsh: Simply soils under a towel. Avoid very hot water, especially when showering, for it is known that the hot water dries the skin. Multiply the intake of foods rich in omega-3 and 6 Omega)) and fatty acids found in fish, because the lack of it in your body helps to dry skin. Your skin like moisturizing it, any grease your face you’re whatever you have the opportunity, especially in the morning. Peel is very important for dry skin, and when choosing peeled, it is advisable to avoid those t made of grain of salt, because its edges may damage the skin and increase moisture loss. Does not evaluating peel your face more than twice a week because this step, whatever peeled, finely, can get tired skin? Eat 2 liters of water a day because it helps to hydrate your skin from the inside of nature in the service of dry skin. It is easy, fun and very nutritious for owners of dry skin and remember that you are you have used natural materials that cannot be found in any moisturizer or cream.

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March 07, 2014

Foods illuminate your skin

The trip begins access to the health and appearance of skin texture quality of the food that you eat. The vitamins and minerals are determined by the shape dramatically and texture of your skin and that come from the foods that you your will. And show you in this subject group of the most important foods that directly addresses your skin and give texture look bright.

Almond Almond is one of the richest varieties of food with vitamin E is known for his tremendous ability to block out the sun's rays on the skin. Vitamin E works as an antioxidant and protects the skin cells from UV vulnerable to the harmful, and thus preserves the health of the skin and color of the Orient. Islands Besides its benefits in strengthening the multilateral consideration, is a warrior islands natural grain. Islands prevent overproduction of cells on the surface of the skin, which leads to clogged pores and attract damaged cells, leading to the appearance of the grain. Among the other benefits of eating carrots that fights the growth of skin cancer cells. Eat the amount of half a cup of carrots a day and Enjoy skin net. Dark chocolate Dark chocolate comes in third place for food items useful for your skin. The Chocolate contains a substance, which are antioxidants that reduce the roughness of the skin and austerity, as protected from the sun's harmful rays. Do not overdo the eating chocolates and contented him with a small daily so as not to trim.Causes of Cellulite It come black and blue berries, cherries and red berries as alternatives to dark chocolate which contains the same antioxidants, but in very limited quantities. Green Tea Secreted material hot green tea anti-oxidant reduces the risk of tumors and cancer, and the more the tea cools. It is advisable to nutrition experts always drinking green tea are hot for your body and your skin benefit from it. U.S. study also proved that drinking 2-6 cups of green tea a day not only protects the skin from cancer, but also helps the skin to quickly overcome the effects of exposure to the sun, which appear in the form of inflammation or brown spots or freckles. Spinach Know spinach usefulness high nutritional utilizing the element iron is necessary for the body, but that new spinach is ranked fifth among the foods most beneficial for the skin. A recent study has shown that spinach contains some vital substances that help to keep the skin from wrinkles and signs of aging. In addition, it helps to protect the skin from the dangers of cancer. Tomatoes It is known that the tomato is a vegetable with the power of the most important items that can consider taking the most beneficial to the body. But you know what they do not like the rest of the vegetables, the more useful the tomatoes to the body when cooked on the fire.

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Lotion new set of even better

Put Clinique skin care products in June Lotion Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Lotion SPF 20 is the latest addition to the franchise's best-selling brand, and was developed specifically for the types of mixed skin and fatty.Composition of the new light-free oils improve skin.

tone and color unite with the passage of time, and is designed to address dark spots and spotting while chromatography is protective of the underlying cause of hyper pigmentation. Lotion and Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Lotion SPF 20 helps many things at one time, including: Prevent and reduce the appearance of increased pigmentation in the skin. Prevent the formation of new patches on the surface of the skin. Fragmentation and the dismantling of existing dark spots to particles less visible on the surface of the skin, giving the skin color more uniform. Remove and ease the "dust" of melanin during peeling. And also helps to strengthen the skin barrier and protect against the sun's harmful rays and ultraviolet light, and light is collected lotion b: Secure by steadfastness, 3:1 and broad-spectrum protection from UV rays to help prevent the formation of dark spots in the future. Repair, building and strengthening the skin barrier to resist external irritants better and that may lead to the development of dark spots. Hydration granting immediate and secure hydration throughout the day

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Do you put make-up summer adversely affect the skin?

Reader says: I used to put my make-up throughout the year, but I feel that in the summer make-up affects the fineness and purity is this true? Answer the question, professor of dermatology, saying: Most women prefer to go out in the summer, the weakness of the cement mixing makeup, and these are usually in very dangerous well known that the make-up is a chemical when they put the lady on her skin and exposed to the sun in the afternoon are these chemicals interact with the sun's.

ultraviolet rays short wave, and is also known that the plant materials which make up a stimulant to the sensitivity of the optical making it cause burns on the skin and inflammation and the appearance of brown spots dogging most of the ladies. That's according to that there is a danger in setting makeup off at noon or sit on the beach and swimming pools at this time of day. He points out that for women who cannot go out without makeup advised to put blockers sun produced by the current national companies which is a creams or solutions are placed on the skin and then placed them make up and then can go out without fear of complications sunlight and recommend the need to develop this Dry Skin Care before you put make-up and exposure to the summer sun and draws considering the seriousness of the exposure to the sun for long periods of time, and refers to it can cause skin early deficit and the early appearance of wrinkles. On the other hand, exposure to sunlight in the morning and before very beneficial for the skin because of exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays long wave transforms the article in the skin to vitamin 3D and leads the secretion of this vitamin to take down the activity of the immune system and because of psoriasis, for example, cause infection increase in the activity of the immune system, the sun's rays at this time as it heals them benefit young children and protect them from injury Blaine bones, therefore we recommend women to expose their young children to the feet of sun sunrise and before sunset so do not get Blaine bones.

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Foods to fight wrinkles

Research showed that strawberries are rich acid and phenolic antioxidant, which ensures the availability of natural elastic fibers that prevent sagging skin. Strawberries may reduce the risk of cancer, and by preventing cell growth malignant cancer, and one study has shown that people, who eat strawberries, are less likely to have this disease increased by three times from people who do not eat.

Apples material It is an anti-oxidant available peel in the Dade varieties of fruit and are available in all types of apples, they provide great protection from ultraviolet radiation burns that cause skin cancer, studies have shown that eating apples or more a week for one year reduces the risk of dying from heart disease by 15%, regardless of the type of apple, but you must eat the chaff, for being an important source of antioxidants. Soy foods Soy-rich contribute to improve the appearance of skin texture, and especially when the woman in the late thirties and the beginning of the forties, in addition to the system soybean diet reduces the risk of endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer, or diabetes, as well as to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer. eggs subjects of lutein and zeaxanthin in eggs two antioxidants is a four-fold increase you more protection against UV damage that leads to the appearance of lines and brown spots, and also skin cancer, and they are contributing to an increase in skin softness and freshness for a long time, and also increase skin moisture. How To Cellulite Eating just one egg a day significantly increases levels of lutein in the blood, which may work to prevent macular degeneration by protecting the retina Eye of the effects of light. Almonds handful of almonds a day enhances the levels of vitamin E, which is one of the most important antioxidants for skin health, as you will get the increase in skin moisture content are also useful those who suffer from dry skin. Although nuts contain a high percentage of calories, but women who eat almonds at least twice a week were less likely to be overweight. nut this Nuts are rich stores alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fats, which are an essential component of the lubricating layer that keeps the skin moist and supple, it handled a half ounce of walnuts provides 100 g of daily dose RECOMMENDED. Researchers have discovered at the University of Texas Health Science Marko that eating nuts during and may contribute to obtain better night's sleep, it contains melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep

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Do you eat enough of the foods beauty

Eating foods beauty may dramatically improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails and eyes. Could diet rich in plant compounds that stimulate the renewal of DNA and increase the production of collagen and reduce inflammation and improve blood flow; this not only helps to maintain your health, but it makes you look younger than your age for a longer period.

The Creams and lotions have a magic effect on your skin, but your diet is the most important with regard to access to healthy skin. So your skin looks attractive and lively, the adoption of healthy options in relation to the manner of your life and the food that you eat. If you want to have the feel of your skin finely fantastic shape, here are some foods that you start taking it today. - Berries: These small blue balls are one of the strongest natural foods anti-agings. It helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and strengthens the gums and contributes to the health of the eyes. - Brazil nuts: helps protect the skin How to Get Rid of Cellulite from the sun's ultraviolet rays and reduce drought. - Strawberries: help protect the structures of collagen in the skin. Collagen is what keeps the skin's elasticity. Salmon: helps to get smooth skin and free of dry spots that cause itching. - Avocado: Contains folic acid, which helps the formation of blood, which is essential for cell regeneration. The king of berries contains more antioxidants by 50% of the pomegranate, and the weakness of antibiotics in berries. It also contains omega-6 and 9, and fiber, calcium and vitamins. - Apricot: very rich in fiber and phytochemicals such as beta-carotene and lycopene. It also contains vitamins A and C, calcium, folic acid, iron and potassium, which makes it very useful for the skin.

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The causes of acne methods

Wash your face with warm water Keep the program for 15 days. Crust lemon Wipe skin crust lemon white inner pre-washed with water. Lemon (sour) and cinnamon Mix one teaspoon of lemon and one teaspoon ground cinnamon and put them on the affected area. Mint juice Wash your face with the juice of fresh mint every night to get rid of pimples, acne, eczema, scabies and a lot of skin problems.

Mint juice and turmeric Mix mint juice with turmeric powder and put it on the face for 30 minutes, face and lends luster to it. Garlic for skin problems, chronic mash hippocampus of garlic and licked their face. Orange peel Crush orange peel with some water and put them on your face. Rosewater Cleanse the face with cotton moistened with rose water. Aloe juice Use aloe juice twice a day helps the cactus to heal the wounds and scars left by acne. Put ice on pimples big bulging and will be gone with the morning. Option mash option and make it paste, put it on your face and leave for half an hour.Causes of Cellulite Renew the skin and purified. Nutmeg, milk powder, mixes some nutmeg with milk and put it on the affected area and disappear pimples without effects, God willing. honey and cinnamon Mix 3 tablespoons of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon and put them on the affected area before going to sleep, rinse in the morning, and will disappear pimples, that use this mask regularly. With extract cactus kneaded henna red with extract cactus naturally, then increased by 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar mixture natural and painted the place the appearance of grain in the body example. This dries quickly on the skin and can be used at night and still in the morning and continue it for 3-4 days comes amazing results while continuing to hygiene absolute. Practiced this process once a day, which is useful in the treatment of acne that appears on the body may be difficult to be applied to the facial skin

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