March 10, 2014

Itchy scalp and treatment

Tools layering thermal Habitual use a hair dryer heat every day of serious matters and causing head itch, you might not know that excess heat leads to dryness and inflammation of the scalp, so you have to be cautious and avoid raising the temperature dried up index-time use, especially when the hair is wet or overloaded with water.
Hair products In some cases, infected scalp itching and inflammation as a result of the extreme sensitivity of the hair care such containing materials are inherently dried hair. In such cases, you will feel the movement of light in the scalp lead to itching. Environmental factors The problem may be due to inflammation of the scalp surrounding climate change, such as excessive exposure to cold with low humidity or high winds or high heat of the sun. In all these cases,Skin Care Moz the best way to reach a healthy scalp and hair shiny and attractive is to stimulate the secretion of natural fats that protect the scalp from drying out. Avoid using hot water while washing hair because it loses scalp of natural oils, making it dry, sensitive and more prone to itching. It is best to also search for moisturizing creams contain substances such as silicon, "which works to soften the outer layer of the hair and give them the desired gloss. Well advised to use an effective balm moisturizes hair and soothes the scalp. When should concern of head itch? In some rare cases, it may be an indication of the itchy head injury a serious skin diseases. When symptoms do especially like the composition of the scalp thick crusts and squamous head hurts can blood, it indicates the injury illness "psoriasis." If the itching is accompanied by a fall of copious hair and scalp pimples, it indicates the incidence of alopecia. Hence, you should in these cases go to the dermatologist competent to give you the appropriate treatment.

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