March 10, 2014

Natural ingredient for skin filter

There are five basic components of working on the liquidation of the skin in order to our dear Eve through the club site 1 - Salt for the liquidation of the skin: It's perfect for lazy women. You just need to add a handful of coarse salt to the water bath shower.
Result is an amazing amount of minerals, without any cost, and a wonderful sense of vitality. We recommend that you test immediately after removing excess hair from your body will give you besides smooth skin beautiful 2 - Orange skin to filter: Mix a few drops of orange juice with a little mineral water to get a smooth mixture.How To Cellulite
Lay out the mixture to your face with the help of a soft cotton ball. Works on liquidation result thanks to pure skin antiseptic ingredients. 3 - Essential oil of tea tree to filter the skin: It is ideal to fight pimples, and can also be used to clean the mouth and teeth by adding one drop of this oil to brush the teeth. Result teeth whiter and brighter. As well as the liquidation of the skin and free of grain 4 - Olive oil for the liquidation of the skin: Olive oil is ideal to soak your hands and make the skin soft and smooth. Soak your hands for about 5 minutes in olive oil and then with lukewarm water. Working on the liquidation of the skin and the result is ultra-soft skin. Skin: Lavender is an ideal weapon to combat stress. Soak 500 g of lavender flowers land in 3 quarts of hot water for 10 minutes, then wiped out his national to bathing water. Result body relaxed and free from fatigue. Mint for the liquidation of the skin: Soak 10 leaves of mint with a spoonful of white powder, lime and a third of a cup of water to get the mixture of green and similar to the foam. Lay out the mixture to your face and leave to dry before rinsing well. The result is pure and radiant complexion.

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