March 10, 2014

Tip for beauty of the skin

Changes in diet and body busy women on the exercise ritual worship during the whole month of may make them neglect due diligence skin which may lead to pallor and dry skin and the appearance of dark circles, and here,

we bring you some tips to prevent these problems and enjoy the champion attractive bright throughout the whole month. Do the three steps necessary to take care of a daily skin "cleanser and toner use a humidifier then," Use a humidifier and twice daily on the hands, face and foot to overcome the drought that affects the skin as a result of lack of water. You must use natural skin care products just like products consisting of butter, pure coconut oil, oils or herbs home Drink plenty of water after breakfast with at least 8 glasses a day to compensate for losses during fasting. Make sure a bath with lukewarm water and not hot because it increases the dry skin and avoid harsh soaps on the skin and nice made of materials moisturize the skin. To keep your mouth smell good during fasting, make sure to eat a cup of tea at Verde, It contains anti-bacterial odor-causing bad breath. You can also put cinnamon sticks in tea to increase effectiveness in overcoming the bacteria and mouth resuscitation. Also a lot of acts of eating leaves, parsley, mint, coriander, they all contain chlorophyll, which is struggling germs and help to revitalize the mouth for a long time. Use twice a week to remove dead cells and get rid of the appearance of the face pale and prefer to use products where it is nice on the skin and is recommended by leading doctors. Avoid breakfast on the heavy fatty foods and soft drinks so you do not get blisters and skin infections annoying.

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